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Posted by?DilipKr?| On?21 Feb 2014


Key Takes:

  • Social, Mobile, Cloud & Analytics are current buzzwords
  • Business leaders need to adapt to digital transformation NOW
  • Devices are set to diverge and services to converge greater
  • Great & Intuitive Design + Smart Business Strategy + Advanced Technology are package to success


Flip history, Twitter is a word most related to a bird tweeting. Fast forward, today it is one of fastest growing social media platform that enables real time feed of anything which happens at any location, any time, enabled by diehard internet users, social celebrities and web savvy companies. These emerging digital technologies and sweeping social lifestyle-changer are no more than a bullhorn in what is to expect in short time to come.


In 2014, more and more companies are to adapt to the digital landscape. Buzzwords such as Social, Mobile, Cloud & Analytics will be applied in their business strategies to grow consumer base. These will be accepted as feeders or important derivative for business leaders as they work on comprehensive strategy.



In a keynote address in 2013, Larry Page of Google in his speech?: ?One of the themes I just want to talk to you about is how important it is for us ? all of the developers in the room and watching ? to really focus on technology and to get more people involved in it?. Less cannot be emphasized on what is to expect further in the digital landscape in few years to come.



Today, devices are set to diverge and services to converge greater. The smart phone and tablet will be emphasized further as the digital hub, away from legacy computers.




The main reasons for this changing landscape are work of the forces behind the scene.


  • Hunger for data and information.
  • New emerging markets driving higher consumer spending power
  • Psychological change in social aspects.


These forces will continue to thrive and consumers will remain drivers of these forces.?Companies need realize that it is time already if not too late to be either a leader or follower in the digital trend. Great & Intuitive Design + Smart Business Strategy + Advanced Technology = will produce great results.


Tomorrow is here. Payment systems will cloud mobile platforms, consumers will accessorize themselves digitally, social map will move closer, location & time will be crucial input to delivery of information. A blink of an eye will capture picture. Cars will soon talk and some are already driving themselves. Say hello to tomorrow NOW.



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