Sony’s data breach and the learnings



Posted by?DilipKr?| On 11 Jan 2015


Just how much did we know when data is lost? The mind boggling case of Sony comes to light.

It was not known until Sony?s Playstation network was breached by hackers, whereby troves of data was transferred out. Sony later found out from investigations that over 100 million accounts was breached with stolen passwords and other information copied out. Credit card numbers were one of it and worst still they were not encrypted.

The whole Sony?s network breach was the biggest breach from the start of Internet age. No one knew the scale until after few days. This means data breach can be totally oblivious unless all-eyes-method deployed from every part of business which involves data. From the learnings of Sony data breach, data loss can be at unprecedented cost to business loss when confidential information such as salaries and benefit are leaked.

The current experience into data leak and other forms of data theft has us understand the overall advancement of hacking method and hackers skills. Businesses cannot avoid to stay in legacy security mode anymore, the need is greater now to catch up with all inclusive protection from threats. Businesses need to realise intangible and tangible costs before it happens, and network security should stay on top level along with other investments.

It is very important to employ best practices and excellent resources to counter data breach. The need is now great for independent IT consultancy firm that could advice, engineer solutions to be ahead in preemptive measures. IT policies that also covers disaster recovery should be in place. Technical assessment from antivirus, malware protection, network and firewall audit to server and database encryption. The assessment and solutions should be overall and inclusive; but if need to be, can be in stages.

Stay ahead.

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