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These days passwords are like the other set of keys we don’t carry around which can be?as valuable as the physical keys to our home, vehicle, drawers etc.?But how much are doing to keep ?em safe and unbreakable?

Here is some tips to follow which should act as a guide:


a) Parent name is fine but give it a combo, along with number that is probably your first sweet heart?s date she was born on (nobody knows hopefully). And tie it with a random character. Even that too can be weak if you don’t combine it well.

b) DON?T use the password used for your email, for your online banking as well! Banking password should always be standalone without them being used elsewhere in email or your favourite airline website login.

c) Abbreviation is cool. I hate the dentist at 10 Beach Road! That should become Ihtda10BR! Make sure you don’t tell your wife about it!

d) Its important not to allow websites to remember you, especially if you are sharing the computer or if you don’t lock it when you step out. What is the use of a key if you left the door open.

e) Social media, phone apps login are very vulnerable to hacking. Never share the same password you use for email or online banking with them.

f) Use two factor authentication wherever possible. You get to use the code sent to your mobile phone. This is highly likely with online banking but now you get to enforce them for your emails too.

g) Lock your phone with password! Imagine possibility of your phone gone missing with some app or functions are still accessible to the culprit.

h) Lastly, although troublesome, its essential to change passwords every 6 months (or maximum 1 year) in order to always play the defensive side.

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