At Link Bridge Consultancy, we strive to design, build, support and improve a comprehensive range of IT (Information Technology) solutions and systems, and solve every type of problem out there, with clients of all sizes and in many industries. We understand organisations? growing needs to utilise effective IT solutions in the ever changing hi-tech marketplace.


Our core values:

  • Provide best solution for the requirement, problem or improvement
  • Provide high-quality, skilled support and engineering
  • Provide support in a timely manner
  • Use our partnerships, alliances and large client base to drive costs down, saving you money
  • Prevent problems, rather than put out fires, by offering great understanding, consultation and expertise.


Link Bridge Consultancy?started as novel idea to provide inclusive and conclusive Network Security consultation. This is in response to what was a dismay in lack of experts in the field, within Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Technically sound engineers were found, however they did not possess either a good troubleshooting, engineering skills or communication skills. Either one was missing in the individuals. Firms have to put up with the lack of either when trying to secure a resource.

We are proud to close this gap. And we are growing bigger.


With continuous advancements and changes in technology, many companies have realised that it no-longer makes financial sense to sustain in-house IT staff with the required variety of specialised skill sets, yet the need for an effective IT infrastructure is more important than ever. In order to stay competitive and make good use of the available technological resources, businesses must maintain experienced, affordable and dependable IT support staff.

We are proud to close this gap too.


We are up to date and constantly develop strategic alliances within the IT industry to ensure that we always have the available resources needed at a moment?s notice at the best available value.

While you take care your Business, we take care your IT.